Carrion Crown: Haunting of Harrowstone


This is why you don't split the party

MLS are down below on the other side of the river. VGK are up top. Veri leaves KG in the closet and proceeds back to the bridge. Leo and Vari lock eyes. Hope springs anew. Leo proceeds to wave Veri off. V goes to get GK out of the closet. VGK heal and make some sheet ropes.

Stravko makes it up the wall and finds VKG making rope. Stravko helps to make rope. They go back to the rope bridge. Stravko utilizes the rope to cross and drop it down. Leo climbs up and Milos, not dying, balloons his small person self. The spent the night in the house. The unseen servants make breakfast for crew. Curious.

They very carefully cross the bridge. And various suspiciously Three files labeled 1 dose of violet venom. Some torches. And other random parts of animals. Further probing reveals a secret door. There is a stair leading up. Leo scouts ahead. Up top are dissected parts. Gulshan and Milos hear steps behind. It comes a flesh gollumy creature with three other winged walking creatures approaches a buffed Stravko. Milos slows him with an ice bomb. Crew continues to chip away at its health. It falls and the crew discusses the likelyhood that its creator is somehow able to perceive.


Micah Sodom

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