Carrion Crown: Haunting of Harrowstone


After the defeat of the gollum and its humonculi. The tree that were free range ran. The three chained under cower and hide. They tie bells to one and unchain the creature who continues to hide under the gollum.

“Things of the air. " J9. Leo enters and waits. Stravko enters and stomps around. Rustle rustle rustle. Gulshan illuminates the corner. Pretty boring. Crates labeled with towns and whatnot. Skitters around the southern wall. It’s coming from a chest. Stravko ok approaches the chests.

Two medusa like creatures emerge from the chest. The one one the right screams. The one to the left chomps. Crew dispatches them effectively.

Up up and away through the staircase. Leo enters and the room fills with fog. As Leo retreats it flows down the stair. Now half the room is filled with acid fog. They look at the humonculi and the free one has disappeared.

Leo checks out “things of the land” room. Nothing exciting so crew shuffles in.

Next is “beast of dark reputation” weird looking creatures painted everywhere. Two matching sarcophagi lay in opposing corners. Trap door on floor. Leo and Stravko use chains in the room to strap down/close the sarcophagus . Stravko set bear traps outside the other sarcophagus. Somehow the sarcophagus morphs into a strange creature. A mimic!

Gulshan and Konrad end up getting glopped. Gulshan channels the mummy. They find a ring of the ram (50 charges) on the mummy. To the trap door! It winds down, connects to a small stone terrace and door.

3 large crates empty. Sit in the room along with three opaque very large jars. One jar says sea hag head, yellow mold, viscderond fungus. How did these crates even get in here!?


Micah Sodom

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