Carrion Crown: Haunting of Harrowstone

More Castle

Across the rope bridge

Crew contemplates the rope. Leo carefully crosses, but a furry appears with a bow and arrows. They do terribly. Like, two rounds of misses. Milos falls. Leo leaps valiantly after him with a rope tether. Unable to save his comrad, Leo watches Milos acutely die. Leo begins the pendulous swing to the wall. Stravko leaps from the bridge to help. Milos is not dead, being held above. Vari, Gulshan, and Konrad retreat back into the house proper. Stravko tries to pull himself and Milos to the shore. The furry follows VGK to the workshop, across the walkway. VGK will hide. She disappears. ( monster trap) Leo continues his repel. The party is now split.

To do: buy more tanglefoot bags. Feather fall. Ranged weapons.


Micah Sodom

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