Carrion Crown: Haunting of Harrowstone

The locked Golum

It's a construct

After eating through the night crew move some stones to pass further into the grounds. Leo makes friends with a dogllum or at least is able to control him. Leo instructs the creature to guard the bridge and howl if anyone trespasses. The reach the front door and vari uses the knocker on the front door. Clicks and sliding are heard as some traps are disabled. The door swings open.

There is an unseen servant the opens the door. A portrait hangs in the entry. They continue nude to explore. There are no servants in the the dining room Leo spy’s a secret door. Ohhhh. Elves. Another door at the end and a coat rack. With coats and a cane seal skin cloak. The door at the end leads to outside across a gap onto another terrace. Stravko brace the door. Back down the hall to more rooms. The is a secret passage from the library to the dining room. There is a secret door from the smoking room to the dining room. Upstairs in the main room there is a hidden cupboard. More exploring and then they cross the bridge to another building.

Large workshop with alchemical goodies apart from the exploded bits ( western wall). But undergoing repairs. There is a sketchy rope bridge where a stone bridge once was. There is a crazy amount of rust about. Hmmmm. Rust monster? No worries Vari make them scatte wit h a firebomb. Crew defeats them.
Xp 18200


Micah Sodom

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