Carrion Crown: Haunting of Harrowstone

Judge at the Factory.

Lower storage: 5 blade guard, 10 blood block, 5 silver weapon blanch, 5 cold iron blanch, 1 adimantium blanch.

The secret door to the east: 2x skeletons, coffin, handcart with papers. Jar with specimens. Coffin= human body. Papers reveal a ledger that lists buyers and delivery destinations. A wand of gentle repose with charge x 28.

The murky pool: pale cadavers seem to bump around. 36ish. 2 bodies are alive and trying to hide. Animated corpses slowly move toward the door. They communicate the want to keep existing. They need the solution of animation weekly. Gulshan channels and kills them bob and joe. The monks from mammoth lands.

Veri returns with the judge. Evidence is presented: skin suits, Grimes, Vorkstaggs body and scar, the ledger of clients brattas and orenbrude. And from Sanctuary: bleach bottles, strongbox papers, dr brattas head testimony. They go back to the courthouse and secure evidence and Grimes.

Side goal. ID and put to rest the 36 pool bodies.

For the Trial
Gulshan- dead bodies and priest testimony
Leo- the paper trial
Milos- skin suits and cayman bites

Veri and Stravko go to take down the effigy. Stravko tries to tell the guard that it is to be taken down. They are unsuccessful.

The trial starts at 10. The courthouse is frenzied. CJ Caard lays down the law before the trial begins. Barattas head told of the. Usiness relationship they had and was killed after a dispute. And testifies he saw a large hulking figure and lanterns overturning. Milos parents the skins and potions. Swamp bite. Ledges. Corpses.

Dilberation. Looking grim judges return. Beast is innocent. The crowd goes wild (not in a good way). Judge invites crew to drink at his house. They see Franklin, who invites them back to the swamp in a few days to see father. In his castle. Hmmmm. In Caramark.

To the judges. Reward money$1k platinum. Judge talks about caramark. Agrees that crew should visit. Judges is very curious about Franklins beginnings. Throne abdicater father that went to self imposed exile. A scientist has many traps and creatures to protect him. Seeage idol and other antiquities.

To the castle.

  • start leveling up


Micah Sodom

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