Carrion Crown: Haunting of Harrowstone

The Basement
Day 7 or 24 days left 4210xp

A “s” appears.

Stravko Jenkins jumps down the hole and instantly wails fill the air. The Vand Leo follow suite. Ectoplasmic forms start to rise from the water. Gulshan lights a coin and drops it down the hole. Konrad comes down the hole on a rope. The elves being slicing and piercing the gloppy forms. Milos skillfully belays down the hole followed shortly by a flailing Gulshan.

Now all at the bottom, the towns saviors wage battles against their undead foes. After battle Some notice the strangley clean condition of the dungeon aside from the shattered and crushed bones.

Proceeding down a tunnel the crew finds an open room. Gulshan consecrates the room just before eight skeletons emerge from their stasis. A quick fight ensues, with most of the group holding off the skeletons while Gulshan powers up and channels positive energy, destroying them all.

After the fight, everyone realizes that Konrad is not wearing any armor, so we beat a hasty retreat back to town to get him a chain shirt. Once he’s properly armored, we turn around and head right back to explore some more.

Heading back down the “Oubliette” hallway, we take a quick detour to a room just off the side. Glancing inside, we see a flaming skeleton with no head. A battle ensues. Instantly, the skeleton hits Veridius with a flaming axe and he collapses in a heap. Leo drags him out of the room while Zdravko covers his escape. Everyone retreats back to the consecrated room down the hallway, hoping the skeleton will follow.

The skeleton steps out into the hallway and Milos throws a frost bomb at it. Konrad prepares a spell, but sudden fear prevents him from casting it.

Leo pushes Veridius against a wall, then pours a restorative potion down his throat. Veridius coughs himself awake, healing a few of his wounds.

Through bombs and spells and swords, we manage to wear down the burning skeleton, but Zdravko is heavily hurt. Leo tumbles in behind the skeleton, flanking him and bringing him close to death. Zdravko finishes him off with a hit to the face with the axe.

(We get 510xp for killing him!)

More Jail exploring

After defeating the piper the gathering mad loot and 350xp the crew explores the attic (T4a).

Leo and Milos fight a giant sturg and swiftly defeat it. They further explore the tower area with everyone except for Konrad, who apparently had beef with ladders. They view acceptable climbing vines up to a balcony (r7) and a muddy pond (r10). Instead of exploring these areas the crew goes after the ember maw.

Stravko assaults the maw after some healing and resistance help. Upon the attack the Maw rages to life, spewing fire. Konrad launches an snowball and the maw halts. The crew finds partially cremated remains of Benjin. Stravko takes some healing from Gulshan and the team presses on.

To the muddy pond. Well, around the edge of the muddy pond. Stravko cannot resist skipping a stone. Veridenis also skips a stone. The ripples tease the water, that quivers in response. Nothing happens.

Leo delicately claims the vines followed by Stravko, Milos, Vendenis. Nobody else is able to scale the vines. As Leo reaches the top a cloud of pollen, he resists the effects of the pollen. Veridenis falls asleep and also off the vines and partially into the pond (legs). The scent of flesh stirs the water.

Milos hits the vine with a firebomb and it looks deadened. Stravko hack away at the remaining shrubbery. Down below Gulshan watches the water as the ripples move closer. She readies her scythe. Leo eliminates the remainder of the ivy/vine. Stravko, Milos and Leo notice the creature moving closer Leo calls out there’s a glint in the vines . Stravko takes a heroic leap off the balcony toward the ripping water which results in falling off the balcony. Whoops. Damage. Gulshan heals him minimally. The ripples get closer… Skull like forms are slightly visible.

Leo goes for the shiny object on the balcony and finds some rotted leather items including a leather pouch and bails off the balcony after Stravko. Gulshan hits the emerging undead with positive energy. One remaining appears to be charred and seems to sizzle. Konrad swings at the remaining skeleton. Everyone else fails and the cleric smokes the undead. Clerics. Yeah! Micha complains about about XP.. Pouch contains 350 gold worth of stuff. Crew heads back to town. Gulshan mass healing.

Konrad opens the mold spell book. Sees his name scrawled in the margin. Spooky.

Next time – the basement. This is the only part of the jail not explored. 3/5 baddies undefeated.

569 XP

Resume game
  • Missing some entries:: we spent some time earlier fighting The Charlatan, and gained a bunch of xp. We are beat up and heading back to town.
Onward into harrowstone

We found some info on the 5 most dangerous criminals inside harrowstone, on the papers.

Ispin Onyxcudgel – the mosswater marauder
he was a well liked artisan and doting husband
his wfe had an affair, and killed her, and became insane
he tried to rebuild her skull, but could not find the last piece
killed 20 people looking for a skull fragment

The splatterman
Father Charlatan
THe lopper
The piper of illmarsh

They don’t manage to pick the lock on the armory or the floor safe. They head back to town and go to the market day and go mingle. Micah goes and sings. They fight off some stirges in an extremely well contained fight. Then they go research some more:

Father Charlatan – Sephic Corvan
of the 5, only one who was not technically a murderer, but churches demanded he was punished to the max
claimed to be an ordained priest, but was a con artist, bilked the faithful out of money for false miracles
his accomplices murdered some guards to help the group escape

SPlatterman – Hian Ferriman
Professor Ferriman – scholar of anthroponomastics – names and origins
accidental encounter with succubus – became obsessed with using names to terrify and control, soon lost his tenure, became obsessed with link between person’s name, and what happens to it when they die. Sent people letters with their names written out in blood, and then days later they would be killed by an elaborate trap meant to look like an accident.

Went into harrowstone again in the morning, were just decimated by that stupid Ember Maw furnace, which incapacitated Gulshan and Zdravko.

The party also reached level 2.

Muddling around again

We finish exploring the second tower in Harrowstone, and find some awesome rats nests.

Then we head back to town and Milos does some research in Lorrimor’s private library. He finds some cursory knowledge about the Whispering Way. The most notorious member was Tar Baphon, the whispering Tyrant, but who knows what they’re up to know, they’re all about undead anyway.

He also discovered the runes are written in Verisian, which no one has ever heard of, ever.

Milos found some info at Lorrimor’s library, about the whispering way, either is undead or has undead allies – most infamous member was Tar Baphon, the whispering tyrant

Gulshan went to the temple and greased some palms to access the library, she got access to a list of the criminals at the

Zdravko talked to the smith, discovered that a very dangerous, notorious dwarf criminal was in the jail at the time it burned.

Zdravko introduces himself to Mirta Straylock at the town hall, and asks around for some way to introduce their group to the town as a whole, he will go talk to people at the open market the next day.

Ispin Onyxcudgel was on the list of prisoners, presumably the famous dwarf prisoner

Zokar (owner of the laughing demon) – talked to Zdravko
- most prisoners at harrowstone didn’t last long, just months – lost of executions
- prisoners had gained control of the dungeons before the fire after a riot
warden prevented prisoners from escaping, saved the town of ravengro

They go back to lorrimor’s house and go to bed.

Conrad gets ready for bed, notices that his window is now barred, furniture is gone, rats are on the ground. The view from his window is one from harrowstone looking at the town. Blood starts appearing on the wall, spelling out Konrad, but once the d appears, he wakes up, but Konrad is written in blood on the wall of his bedroom.

Milos deciphers the runes from Harrowstone, it says Lyvar Hawkrin over and over. (the warden) As well as interspersed with some kinds of magical symbols.

Zdravko tastes the blood on the wall, it’s from a humanoid, they try to use the ouija board thing, but Gulshar fails her will and becomes confused

Day 2 in Ravengro
  • At the end of day 1, you returned to the inn, where Leo impressed everyone with his singing.
    • He got a free room for the night for his efforts
  • Zdrovko proceeded to irritate the customers.
    • He met the sheriff, Benjan Caeller, who appears to be trying to woo a mysterious lady that you haven’t identified yet.
    • In general this tends to be a pretty safe town
    • Gibs Hephenus, the mook (Jordan’s word) that confronted you at the Restlands with his band of goons, is identified as generally the most disgruntled and mean-spirited person in town – not a major criminal by any means, but a miser and a curmudgeon.
    • No real crime, just the usual small town petty theft, bar fights, occasional vandalism
    • No one seems to know of anyone who would go up to Harrowstone. That doesn’t mean no one does, it just means no one you asked knows anything about it.
  • Everyone but Leo goes back to the Lorrimor house.

Day 2!

  • The next morning, there’s a hubbub as apparently someone has splashed blood around the Harrowstone Memorial and also written the letter V.
    • Zdrovko identifies it as some sort of rodent blood.
    • Zdrovko’s makeshift memorial to the prisoners has been kicked over, but not maliciously.
  • You all return to the Lorrimor House.
    • Milos identifies some of the loot you got the previous night (I think he actually IDed the potions before bed the night before?)
    • Various potions have been IDed
    • The dark case contains a Spirit Planchette and corresponding board – essentially a Ouija board. Milos figures out how to use it.
    • The vials with ghostly vapor things in them are Haunt Siphons – when they’re opened up at the beginning of a haunt (in the first round after it manifests), it will suck it in, Ghostbusters style.
  • You use the Ouija board to ask the spirits what the mysterious vandal meant by writing the ‘V’ on the Harrowstone Memorial. They say that V stood for Vesorianna, the prison warden’s wife. But there’s a 40% chance they’re lying.
  • You visit Harrowstone and explore the grounds.
    • You search the Warden’s Cottage, and it partially collapses on you, hitting Leo and Konrad (Conrad?) with bricks. Information or loot found inside pending.
    • You find the place where it looks like Lorrimor died
    • There are runes etched all along the base of the main building, except for where the building has collapsed and there is now a large pond.
    • The etchings also have blood brushed over them. It seems to be humanoid (dwarfoid?) blood, and fairly old (days or weeks?)
    • The same string is repeated over and over, separated by other runes.
    • None of you understand the language it’s written in.
    • Milos makes notes on the etchings.
    • You fight a rat swarm that’s hiding in one of the observation towers.

Next up – keep searching Harrowstone? Go back to town and do research/ask people questions? Both? Neither? Stay tuned!

Wandering Around, Supplemental

Here’s the information Kendra gave you when she went over the map with you:

  • A: Town square — site of the upcoming Market Day, among other things. (There is a gazebo. This is the site of the usual sort of small-town gatherings happen here — holiday parties, concerts by the local musicians, etc.)
  • B: Posting poles — 5 poles around town where ads and news are posted. Pevrin Elkarid, the son of the owner of the Laughing Demon (Zokar Elkarid) is the unofficial newsboy of the town — people frequently pay him a couple coppers to transcribe their ads or news and make sure that it’s posted on all 5 poles.
  • C: Laughing Demon — one of the two inns in town, overlooks the river. Owned by Zokar Elkarid, father of Pevrin Elkarid. (They were both among the small group of villagers attending Prof Lorrimor’s funeral.) Sarianna gave you some more information about the Laughing Demon, since it’s her main competition. Apparently his menu is themed around the town’s creepy reputation. This is a pretty popular place among the locals — might be a good place to ask some questions!!!
  • D: Town Hall — this would be another decent place to do research on the town’s history and various other things. Father Grimburrow indicated that the town hall library is also not open to the public, so you may have to do some cajoling to be allowed to research there.
  • E: Temple of Pharasma.
  • G: Forge — the owner is a dwarf, not from the area, very old, has been in the town for a really long time, but was an adventurer before that.
  • K: Outward Inn — performers and artists like to hang out here. The proprietor/bartender, Sarianna, is a well-known singer, somewhat of a diva. Very beautiful, very flirtatious, esp with Leo. Leo has promised to sing here at some point.
  • N: Lorrimor’s house. You can stay here with free room and board, if you so desire.
  • O: Harrowstone Memorial — depicts Warden Hawkran, overlooking the water, has a list of all the guards that died in the fire. Also indicates that Vesorianna Hawkran, the wife of the warden, was killed in the fire as well.
  • P: Restlands — place you went for funeral of Prof. Lorrimor, and location of False Crypt.
  • R: Harrowstone.

you also know:

  • Q: house of the leader of the mob that confronted you at Lorrimor’s funeral.
Wandering around

Went to the Harrowstone memorial, with for all of those who died in the harrowstone fire. There is a giant statue of the warden holding a truncheon, with 24 names inscribed on it for the guards who died in the fire, as well as the warden’s wife

happened in 4661 – now 4712

Zdravko created a small pile of rocks for a memorial to the prisoners, Leonir wanted to leave, he was bored.

Walking to the temple they passed by the house of one of the mooks who threatened them at the funeral, and Leonir tried to intimidate him.

Went to the temple of Pharasma, Golshan struck up a conversation with a local priest. She asked about the fire at harrowstone and learned some more details, apparently the prisoners were escaping when the fire was set. They have a library there where research could be done, but they had to get permission from father Grimboro(?) to go through the library.

Grimboro said that they couldn’t have access yet, though they probably could get it later.

The guards who died were buried in the graveyard in town, but the prisoners were buried at harrowstone

Farmers market in 2 days!
Town hall meeting in a couple weeks.

Went to the outward inn, met with Sariana there, apparently a beautiful woman, who owns the bar/inn, Leonida agreed to sing there later.

They went to the crypt nearby at the graveyard, snuck in through the door with a broken lock, killed two giant centipedes and then looted the sarcophagus, which contained a bunch of loot.

Arriving at Restlands

Professor Lorrimor’s body is in a casket. His daughter Kendra guides us as we carry his casket to the graveyard. There are some goons who don’t want a NECROMANCER buried there, but apparently he’s not that. They get him in the ground and Zdravko loudly mourns his passing while Milos denies the existence of an afterlife. Kendra guides them back to her house to pass time until the will is read.

Zdravko had his life saved by the professor after facing a strong creature near his home. Konrad saved the professor’s life at some point. Leonir worked with him often, going on dungeon crawls. Milos was a student of his at the college he worked at. Gulshan worked with him before at some point.

Leonir proposes a toast while waiting in the house.

Councilman Vashian something or other comes in with a scroll, and reads the will and testament

Books: On Verified Madness: Aberrations, and the tapestry, gaps between stars in the night sky
Serving your Hunger: unholy book for Urgathoa
The Umbral Leaves: translation of unholy book of zon-kuthon
Manual of the Order of the Palatine Eye

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