Carrion Crown: Haunting of Harrowstone

Brother Swarm

Allen, Elsa and Karen have been taken care of. To do: investigate Karen’s house. (Murdered in her bed 2 days after the beast was run out of town. Elsa and Karen were only bodies recovered.

They finally break into the house and find it neat and tidy. The window to the room is 15 feet up and appears to be unmolested. As well as the walls surrounding the window. There is not anything else of note.

The grave and chapel. The six little graves are notable, but four of the six lack heaped earth. There is enough to fill 5 flasks of holy water. As they leave the chapel two small, dark shapes approach. (Rachel and Gaard). They are led to restful ends.

Further exploration and the crew comes upon one little shadow with the larger wraith. Maarten and Brother Swarm. Swarm retreats back to his lair. Crew finds 4 skeletal remains.

LEVEL UP! Getready to mount the defense.


To do: talk to the three ladies. Then Vorkstagg and Grimes.
Fantasmagorica, show of oddities and abnormalities! The Carnies are going to put on a show tomorrow night.

Crew arrives at the Windmill to find three old ladies. The plump Starrel answers the door. Flicht and the tall, skinny one join the crew in a small sitting room. Info gathered:
Started with Martin , Allen, guard, Rachel, then Elsa.
Abductions happened over a weeks time. They jump to the beast causing these murders as the beast was seen carrying elsas body back to town. And was promptly chased out.

The ladies seem to be hiding some truths about the events. The sixth child, haren, was found dead in her bed two days after the Beast was run off. This was different. This was the second body found. The others were just disappeared.

The beast was yammering about a oyster that wanders about and steals souls.

Not far before sunset the crew arrives at Hergstagg. Milos sees some movements out of the corner of his vision. Val is attacked by a shadow child that sucks a bit of his life. Fighting breaks out. The apparition is defeated. (Allen).

Stravko finds a body in a field caught in another bear trap. They find some goods and make note to return to give him his last rites. The sun continues to go down. There is movement around the outside of the house. Elsa is now gone.

They progress to the willow trees and a ramshackle shack. The remain of torches and assorted mob gear. The burnt remnance of a Talvin Poetry book is in the corner. This was likely the beasts shack.

A larger shadow with six glowing circles within the shape. Crew flees to release the other children first.

At Karen’s house it is shut and barred. A tiny shadow comes at the crew. Karen is returned to peace.

To do : investigate Karen’s house.

Trials and sneaking (poorly)
Part one

Vari and Leo go back to the Chymic Workshop and being to break in…they get chased away.

They meet with the attorney and head to trial. There is also a magiker there to detect and magic or mischief. There is also a dude with awesome armor and weapon. Clerks are there for documentation. The prosecution, Otto Heigert looks ready to prove the Beast guilty.

Evidence: night vision vile, face, chergeon tools, age of fire, manticore, bite mark. Heights.

donk donk

The prosecution opens strong. The crew start the defense. They do pretty well. The crowd seems to be quite mobbish.

Tomorrow is Herstagg.

Investigating the Beast


The crew slowly does some damage as the beast sends round after round of volleying spikes. Leo catches it with a fanstastic shot as it retreats.

Crew investigates the nest. Containing a dwarf corpse.
Oil of keen edge, package of body balm, silver hip flask with brandy, crimson purse, masterwork shot sword, wand of ghost sound with 22 charges.

The Graveyard. Veri notices some of the graves look off. After closer inspectIon Leo is able to tell that the graves are sunken due to an absence of bodies. Looks to be the most recent bodies from about a year ago. Looking around there is something in the distance. Crew finds remnants of a campsite. An empty vie of dark vision potion was among the remnants.

The crew goes back to Morast to discover the identifies of the 6 missing corpses. They appeared to be natural deaths of all genders or ages. Milos asks after Nan ( the poacher). She was not really seen, but kinda seen after a year ago(Clem). Stravko goes and investigates the location where the beast and Cayman battled.

Back to Leppenstadt.
Visit the beast part II. All evidence must be submitted by 10am the next day. Upon examination the beast is noted to not have marred flesh.

  • Investigate the raven insignia on the silver chirgeon tools we found – We get referred to the Surgeons Flats to investigate the tools. There it is discovered that the Raven symbol is from a shop on Anatomists Alley. They find the maker who has noted the purchaser as Vladka Kostel with a date of a little over a year ago. They find her at an auction house. The purchaser was described. Milos asks around after the mystery person while Veri tries to charm information out. They end up at Radneesh’s shop.

When. Confronted with the truth of the his situation,the keeper reveals the name Master Vorkstagg or Vorkstagg and Grimes. They arrive at a rather menacing looking place. It is closed for the night.

The effigy theft/ where the beast was found. Investigation of the scene give ______ leads. The back door was broken in and the alarm system (bells and silver wire) are out of order. Heavy iron boot tracks, scratched railing (from something metal) with an indentation below suggests something heave fell on the tile below. Suspiciously the pedestal where the effigy was placed is undisturbed with its embellishments. 2 of the 3 office windows have clearly not been opened in many years, the third easily slides open. The smell of beeswax lingers- no noticeable candles. The effigy was green depiction with tentacles possibly Fromm the dark tapestry.

Into Lepidstadt

We walk into Lepidstadt. We need to meet our contacts and get rid of the books we’ve brought.

We deliver the flesh golem manual to the professor, and he rewards us with 6000gp.

The professor tells us that he was recently robbed by The Beast, and an artifact was stolen.

We go to speak to the other lady, and she rewards us for fulfilling Lorimor’s will. She is prepared to only reward those listed in the will, but we speak up and highlight Veridius’s contributions and convince her to reward him as well.

Beast’s Crimes

  • 6 children Hergstag
  • 10 people Morast
  • Arson attack at Carb Isle (people died)

Witnesses to the Crimes

  • Lazne in Morast
  • Garrow, Starl, and Flict sisters in Hergstag
  • Carl (in Lepstag) witnessed the sanctuary attack

Meeting the Beast

  • He’s actually a flesh golem, but somehow intelligent, although low intelligence
  • We name him Franklin
  • He tells us about his friend Ellsa, who was killed by a ghost, her soul taken


  • Attacked the town
  • Chased into the boneyard
  • Attacked by a blood-cayman (Alligator)
  • “Sank his teeth to the bone of the left shoulder”


  • Investigate the raven insignia on the silver chirgeon tools we found
Starting the next chapter!
Tying off loose ends and travelling to Lepidstadt

Selling some swag.
The Beast of Leppenstadt (local urban legend) has been caught and is to be burned alive. It is reported to be a very large beast with claws.

Curses removed. Stravko gets a shield and the crew gives the rest of their goods for the golloum manual.

The Journey Begins…. At dusk on the 2nd day. Gulshan and Mills hear some crying and howling? They come upon a caravan of wagons…with carnies. They appear to be led by an albino, who explained that they are missing a member, Elise.the older sister of the pinheads.

Crew follows tracking into the woods and comes upon her lifeless body. A strange chirping sound attracts the attention of the group when a giant fade spider appears. Konrad and Veri become poisoned from the spiders assault. The spider withdraws badly damaged.

Milos, Veri and Gulshan all struggle to keep Konrad and L do alive after the poisonous encounter. Eventually succeeding with the help of a restoration wand. They find some littered treasures from previous victims.

Returning to the caravan with the small body the albino offered to travel with the crew, giving use of a wagon and a bane dagger as reward. Milos brews anti-toxin for everyone.

Pitter Patter the. Baddies go Splatter

Crew starts to enter the room and noticed pinpricks of blood come from the wall. Konrad uses his haunt siphon. The haunt is weakened, but continues. Konrad sees a “K” appear on the wall. Veri moves to investigate and discovers the room, walls especially possessed by magic. The pool in the center looks similar to the well where ____met his fate in. After consecration the letters “z” “L” and “o” appear on the wall.

A light stick is dropped down the well and reveals some sparkly things and possibly remains.
The crew starts destroying the markings on the wall. As the letters disappear thin pricks also fade. The ceiling and walls begin to crumble and fall around our heroes. Only Leo with his rogue skills and elfiness avoid the rubble.

Out of the water emerges a ghostly form. Gulshan casts channel. The Splatter Man counters by summoning 3 rats. The battle continues as the crew mercilessly presses the specter, who floats up toward the ceiling. He is finished off by Leo.
The Booty from the Brig
+1keen long sword
+1Mithras dagger
Ring of protect +1

They give the badge back to Vessoriana, who with the badge is able to cleans the entire prison. The badge transforms into A rod of lesser ectoplasmic meta magic. Ravensgrow celebrates and they are grateful. They give the party ____ gold.

Konrad and Stravko continue to have symptoms
+ 1100 XP
7100 total

More Basement Fun

To U5 to check for portcullis controls- it lifts. Leo sneaks into Reapers Hold to take a look around. Stravko follows. Leo continues to scout ahead and sees his son trapped within an iron maiden. He rushes to help his son, but becomes entrapped himself as the illusion vanishes, Veri follows suit and Thing hands come out of a basket, poised to attack. SLAP! Gulshan arrives and channels positive energy, dispelling the illusion. The hands attack!

Stravko is grappled, but manages to grapple his grappler. Konrad steps valiantly in front of Veri and almost destroys the hand as puss sprays all over him. Damn. Gulshan finishes is off. Most readies a bomb and the rest of the crew wrestles the remaining hand to the iron maiden. The bomb detonated. Stravko delivers the final blow.

the skeletal remains on the Warden are found within the maiden. Weaponless and broken the crew takes his badge and keys. Another secret door is revealed.

They follow the secret passage(U9). Encountering a ooze. Konrad hesitates to cast, but Milos lobs a bomb at it. The ooze continues to envelop Veri. Konrad does some cold not damage. Leo gets a good shot in with the cross bow. Milos takes his turn and is able to almost kill it off. Stravko the Gulshan finishes it.

They decide to go back to town and rest. But first a stop by Vessorianna to deliver the wardens badge.

Current XP =6000 Level Up

Next time: prepare for some more big bad.

Making it count
Prickly portculli.

After taking a day to restock and Leo to win a bet on the next letter to appear the possee heads back to Harrowstone.

They return to the pit to retrieve items. So much sweet items.

They head South to the Nevermore. Leo scouts ahead. The portcullis is closed and rusted and busted. Millos finds a secret door past the portcullis. Two more are likely in the furthest room. Group decides to come back to here later.

Main room is consecrated.

The head to Reapers Hole.
Leo stealthy ahead. And investigates the flanking rooms. (U5&6)The portcullis is down on this room as well. Skulls. The ghostly visage of the Moss Water Marauder appears and after defeating the skulls the Marauder disappears. Stravko takes some of the ectoplasmic goop into a flask. The secret door is locked, but We have keys! There are emergency supplies and crazy amounts of armor and other awesome things. Lots and lots of awesome things.

They head to the other room whe the portcullis levers are.

+230 xp

The basement continued
Ahhhhhhhhhh. Never mind. We're ok.

Wraith battle. It doesn’t start off well. Continues to not go well. The axe wielding form is really really really tough. Crew does a round of assaults to no avail. Help. None is found. Retreat!

Fall back to the consecrated room. The wraith pursues them in retreat. To its death.

Battered, they head back to town. 3/5 inmates are down: the piper, father charlatan, and the loper.

To do: get loot from pit.



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