Carrion Crown: Haunting of Harrowstone


The dogolem awaits the party. The battle starts off with massive blows from all parties. The dogolem eventually is subdued.
Party searches and finds several amazing potions along with the same bleach viles. In the main chemical vat room. They are full of varying concentrations or acid and bleach. At the base of the vats are mongrel men.

Crew moves up to the catwalk. Very neat layout. Boxed searched and sweet loot is found. Leo deploys a rope of climbing off the loading door in case the need for a hasty exit is needed. A gnome sized humanoid is resting in a strange wor bedroom/workshop. There is a ladder to a hatch in the ceiling. The next room is a scholarly office. There is an individual standing there. As the crew is debating on what to do next the sounds of an opening door. Leo goes to check out the other door, it opens and Vorkstagg and Grimes are there.


Micah Sodom

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