Carrion Crown: Haunting of Harrowstone

Trial Day Two


Crew finishes up in the town and decides to bring back the 4 bodies from the wraith lair and lay them to rest at the temple of Phrasma. Crew also gets a priest to testify at the trial. Points to make at trial:

*pharasma preiestess physical assessment and speak with dead results (Maarten)
*karens death circumstances
*Wraith testimony
*Beast interview. Poetry and laughing.
Nailed it.

Next Stop Karb Island
Karl the assistant of Karb Isle was investigated. As Sanctuary in uncovered. Dr. Bratta. Karl lives in Leppenstadt and was accused. There are rumors of many gasts in the area.

Karl. Now blind due to the fire. Dr. Brattas uncle was deformed and was hunted and burned alive. Brattas goal was to make a haven for these other individuals and possibly finding cures or fixes for their maladies. He also experimented with Kadaver transplants. The fire appears to have spread and he saw a hulking shambling form. He woke away from the fire, but without sight. Brattas body was not recovered. They are warned of gasts. Gulshan gets detailed information of the layout of Sanctuary. Gulshan makes him some beverage in good will before crew leaves to meet back up with the courthouse crew


Micah Sodom

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