Carrion Crown: Haunting of Harrowstone

To Sanctuary

On the Carb iSle

Investigate potential ties of Vorkstagg (of Vorkstagg and Grimes) MD to Sanctuary. Potential ties of the Beast with Sanctuary. Hup hup hup.
The Graves:12 total, one for DR Baratta . They seem to empty.

To do- get physical description of .Barattas. There is a hole toward the south side of ruins. The hole. Down the hole Veri goes – it reeks. Heads dangle from chains, charred and a slight rustling. From the top of the hole crew hears retching. Gasts start to surround the base of the hole. Fight! The gasts flee down the hole.

Crew looks around finds the room is quite expansive with a hallway with some doors leading off to other directions. A lock box is found. Inside are papers, somewhat charred and slightly damaged. ‘Vorkstagg and Grimes’ appears several times on the papers. 12 silver bolts slightly melted gold belt buckle, iron bracelet with a moon eating an owl. All but one heads have a noticible physical deformity. The other one looks to belong to a learned scholar. One unbroken vile labeled Vorkstagg and Grimes chemical bleach partly used. This room was the workshop.

The stone of alarm is placed on the gast fleeing hallway. They check the other passage which ends in a treatment room. The gasts are down the hall cowering in another patient room. Nothing else. Back to town.

It’s now later in the evening.

Gossip with the locals to get more info on V&G .Grins looks perculiar and is a gnome. ’’Tis a well regarded operation with the community. Alchemical supply. Vrggstsgg is well connect with friends in high places.

Takes head to the priests to speak with dead and lay to rest.

Karl visit. Confirm V&G dealt often with the facility. It was amicable in nature. Toward the end there was some discontent on Dr.s part regarding $$. They invite Karl to go to the carnival.

During the carnival crew is notified that there is a mob moving toward the courthouse.

About 40 people ar,e gathered with torches and pitchforks. There are 4 rabble rousers, encouraging the crowd. Stravko joins the guards by the courthouse doors, ready to defend.

Leo makes a rousing speech after vari distracts with lightening. 5 leave, fleeing the lightning strikes. 5 more leave after Leo’s intro. One of the rousers opposes as more leave. After several rounds back and forth the crowd slowly dissipates.

To do: investigate V&G


Micah Sodom

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