Carrion Crown: Haunting of Harrowstone

B&E Gone Awry

… Leo send a tangle foot at V. The entangled man quaffs a potion as Grimes moves around only to be knocked below by Stravko. Gulshan holds V in place and Konrad finishes him with a switch of his rapier. Grimes battles below and rallies the mongrel men.

Milos starts investigating for more incriminating evidence. Finds expensive books. 3 packets of alchemical fire, grease, and a full alchemists lab. Gulshan searches Grimes quarters complete alchemists lab, 4x anti toxin, about 20 flayed skin suits in a cabinet with a strange skin suit that looks rather beast/monster like. There is a bell jar with a key at the bottom, Small locked strong box under the bead. Gulshan goes up the ladder and goes through a series of towers ending with 3x leathery things with metal jaws that are unhappy to have been found. Gulshan flees.

Vorkstagg s body has a large scar on his shoulder. May have been a cayman. As the crew continues to fight Konrad and Leo help Milos move/pack up the skin suits. Leo finds 500gp, goblet worth 400 gp and several viles of necromattic alchemy fluid. A ledger of doctors, scholars, and two people of interest: dr Barratas and the murdererof prof Mortimer.

Milos neutralizes the Bell jar to get the key. The strong box: 200gp, antitoxinx4. 300gp diamondsx4.

Raven eating a wolf 100gp, and a copper lightening rod.

Crew leaves with all the loot, Vorkstagg body and a beat up Grinses. Vari goes to notify the judge.

To Do: search the bottom rooms at V&G.

In the tower room crew finds: Ebony tribal mask 175silver torcke, 200 mammoth tusk with spells.


Micah Sodom

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