Carrion Crown: Haunting of Harrowstone


After the defeat of the gollum and its humonculi. The tree that were free range ran. The three chained under cower and hide. They tie bells to one and unchain the creature who continues to hide under the gollum.

“Things of the air. " J9. Leo enters and waits. Stravko enters and stomps around. Rustle rustle rustle. Gulshan illuminates the corner. Pretty boring. Crates labeled with towns and whatnot. Skitters around the southern wall. It’s coming from a chest. Stravko ok approaches the chests.

Two medusa like creatures emerge from the chest. The one one the right screams. The one to the left chomps. Crew dispatches them effectively.

Up up and away through the staircase. Leo enters and the room fills with fog. As Leo retreats it flows down the stair. Now half the room is filled with acid fog. They look at the humonculi and the free one has disappeared.

Leo checks out “things of the land” room. Nothing exciting so crew shuffles in.

Next is “beast of dark reputation” weird looking creatures painted everywhere. Two matching sarcophagi lay in opposing corners. Trap door on floor. Leo and Stravko use chains in the room to strap down/close the sarcophagus . Stravko set bear traps outside the other sarcophagus. Somehow the sarcophagus morphs into a strange creature. A mimic!

Gulshan and Konrad end up getting glopped. Gulshan channels the mummy. They find a ring of the ram (50 charges) on the mummy. To the trap door! It winds down, connects to a small stone terrace and door.

3 large crates empty. Sit in the room along with three opaque very large jars. One jar says sea hag head, yellow mold, viscderond fungus. How did these crates even get in here!?

This is why you don't split the party

MLS are down below on the other side of the river. VGK are up top. Veri leaves KG in the closet and proceeds back to the bridge. Leo and Vari lock eyes. Hope springs anew. Leo proceeds to wave Veri off. V goes to get GK out of the closet. VGK heal and make some sheet ropes.

Stravko makes it up the wall and finds VKG making rope. Stravko helps to make rope. They go back to the rope bridge. Stravko utilizes the rope to cross and drop it down. Leo climbs up and Milos, not dying, balloons his small person self. The spent the night in the house. The unseen servants make breakfast for crew. Curious.

They very carefully cross the bridge. And various suspiciously Three files labeled 1 dose of violet venom. Some torches. And other random parts of animals. Further probing reveals a secret door. There is a stair leading up. Leo scouts ahead. Up top are dissected parts. Gulshan and Milos hear steps behind. It comes a flesh gollumy creature with three other winged walking creatures approaches a buffed Stravko. Milos slows him with an ice bomb. Crew continues to chip away at its health. It falls and the crew discusses the likelyhood that its creator is somehow able to perceive.

More Castle
Across the rope bridge

Crew contemplates the rope. Leo carefully crosses, but a furry appears with a bow and arrows. They do terribly. Like, two rounds of misses. Milos falls. Leo leaps valiantly after him with a rope tether. Unable to save his comrad, Leo watches Milos acutely die. Leo begins the pendulous swing to the wall. Stravko leaps from the bridge to help. Milos is not dead, being held above. Vari, Gulshan, and Konrad retreat back into the house proper. Stravko tries to pull himself and Milos to the shore. The furry follows VGK to the workshop, across the walkway. VGK will hide. She disappears. ( monster trap) Leo continues his repel. The party is now split.

To do: buy more tanglefoot bags. Feather fall. Ranged weapons.

The locked Golum
It's a construct

After eating through the night crew move some stones to pass further into the grounds. Leo makes friends with a dogllum or at least is able to control him. Leo instructs the creature to guard the bridge and howl if anyone trespasses. The reach the front door and vari uses the knocker on the front door. Clicks and sliding are heard as some traps are disabled. The door swings open.

There is an unseen servant the opens the door. A portrait hangs in the entry. They continue nude to explore. There are no servants in the the dining room Leo spy’s a secret door. Ohhhh. Elves. Another door at the end and a coat rack. With coats and a cane seal skin cloak. The door at the end leads to outside across a gap onto another terrace. Stravko brace the door. Back down the hall to more rooms. The is a secret passage from the library to the dining room. There is a secret door from the smoking room to the dining room. Upstairs in the main room there is a hidden cupboard. More exploring and then they cross the bridge to another building.

Large workshop with alchemical goodies apart from the exploded bits ( western wall). But undergoing repairs. There is a sketchy rope bridge where a stone bridge once was. There is a crazy amount of rust about. Hmmmm. Rust monster? No worries Vari make them scatte wit h a firebomb. Crew defeats them.
Xp 18200

Castle Jam

Approaching the castle crew is engaged by trollhounds. After defeated there is debate about knocking or barging. Leo decides to scale a tower. Leo surveys the scene, jumps below and opens the gates. There are two trolls atop and one in the gatehouse. Brutal battle ensues. Stravko is rather badly injured. Some goblins show up and describe a creature of muscle and pieces of flesh on the other side of the barricade. Some time ago a group of humans came by. This was before the trolls came. One goblin is wearing an amulet of the whispering way. There is a magical staff of swarming in sect with 12 charges, shove,sledge,pretty stones, 108gp 345sp.

Level up

Judge at the Factory.

Lower storage: 5 blade guard, 10 blood block, 5 silver weapon blanch, 5 cold iron blanch, 1 adimantium blanch.

The secret door to the east: 2x skeletons, coffin, handcart with papers. Jar with specimens. Coffin= human body. Papers reveal a ledger that lists buyers and delivery destinations. A wand of gentle repose with charge x 28.

The murky pool: pale cadavers seem to bump around. 36ish. 2 bodies are alive and trying to hide. Animated corpses slowly move toward the door. They communicate the want to keep existing. They need the solution of animation weekly. Gulshan channels and kills them bob and joe. The monks from mammoth lands.

Veri returns with the judge. Evidence is presented: skin suits, Grimes, Vorkstaggs body and scar, the ledger of clients brattas and orenbrude. And from Sanctuary: bleach bottles, strongbox papers, dr brattas head testimony. They go back to the courthouse and secure evidence and Grimes.

Side goal. ID and put to rest the 36 pool bodies.

For the Trial
Gulshan- dead bodies and priest testimony
Leo- the paper trial
Milos- skin suits and cayman bites

Veri and Stravko go to take down the effigy. Stravko tries to tell the guard that it is to be taken down. They are unsuccessful.

The trial starts at 10. The courthouse is frenzied. CJ Caard lays down the law before the trial begins. Barattas head told of the. Usiness relationship they had and was killed after a dispute. And testifies he saw a large hulking figure and lanterns overturning. Milos parents the skins and potions. Swamp bite. Ledges. Corpses.

Dilberation. Looking grim judges return. Beast is innocent. The crowd goes wild (not in a good way). Judge invites crew to drink at his house. They see Franklin, who invites them back to the swamp in a few days to see father. In his castle. Hmmmm. In Caramark.

To the judges. Reward money$1k platinum. Judge talks about caramark. Agrees that crew should visit. Judges is very curious about Franklins beginnings. Throne abdicater father that went to self imposed exile. A scientist has many traps and creatures to protect him. Seeage idol and other antiquities.

To the castle.

  • start leveling up
B&E Gone Awry

… Leo send a tangle foot at V. The entangled man quaffs a potion as Grimes moves around only to be knocked below by Stravko. Gulshan holds V in place and Konrad finishes him with a switch of his rapier. Grimes battles below and rallies the mongrel men.

Milos starts investigating for more incriminating evidence. Finds expensive books. 3 packets of alchemical fire, grease, and a full alchemists lab. Gulshan searches Grimes quarters complete alchemists lab, 4x anti toxin, about 20 flayed skin suits in a cabinet with a strange skin suit that looks rather beast/monster like. There is a bell jar with a key at the bottom, Small locked strong box under the bead. Gulshan goes up the ladder and goes through a series of towers ending with 3x leathery things with metal jaws that are unhappy to have been found. Gulshan flees.

Vorkstagg s body has a large scar on his shoulder. May have been a cayman. As the crew continues to fight Konrad and Leo help Milos move/pack up the skin suits. Leo finds 500gp, goblet worth 400 gp and several viles of necromattic alchemy fluid. A ledger of doctors, scholars, and two people of interest: dr Barratas and the murdererof prof Mortimer.

Milos neutralizes the Bell jar to get the key. The strong box: 200gp, antitoxinx4. 300gp diamondsx4.

Raven eating a wolf 100gp, and a copper lightening rod.

Crew leaves with all the loot, Vorkstagg body and a beat up Grinses. Vari goes to notify the judge.

To Do: search the bottom rooms at V&G.

In the tower room crew finds: Ebony tribal mask 175silver torcke, 200 mammoth tusk with spells.


The dogolem awaits the party. The battle starts off with massive blows from all parties. The dogolem eventually is subdued.
Party searches and finds several amazing potions along with the same bleach viles. In the main chemical vat room. They are full of varying concentrations or acid and bleach. At the base of the vats are mongrel men.

Crew moves up to the catwalk. Very neat layout. Boxed searched and sweet loot is found. Leo deploys a rope of climbing off the loading door in case the need for a hasty exit is needed. A gnome sized humanoid is resting in a strange wor bedroom/workshop. There is a ladder to a hatch in the ceiling. The next room is a scholarly office. There is an individual standing there. As the crew is debating on what to do next the sounds of an opening door. Leo goes to check out the other door, it opens and Vorkstagg and Grimes are there.

To Sanctuary
On the Carb iSle

Investigate potential ties of Vorkstagg (of Vorkstagg and Grimes) MD to Sanctuary. Potential ties of the Beast with Sanctuary. Hup hup hup.
The Graves:12 total, one for DR Baratta . They seem to empty.

To do- get physical description of .Barattas. There is a hole toward the south side of ruins. The hole. Down the hole Veri goes – it reeks. Heads dangle from chains, charred and a slight rustling. From the top of the hole crew hears retching. Gasts start to surround the base of the hole. Fight! The gasts flee down the hole.

Crew looks around finds the room is quite expansive with a hallway with some doors leading off to other directions. A lock box is found. Inside are papers, somewhat charred and slightly damaged. ‘Vorkstagg and Grimes’ appears several times on the papers. 12 silver bolts slightly melted gold belt buckle, iron bracelet with a moon eating an owl. All but one heads have a noticible physical deformity. The other one looks to belong to a learned scholar. One unbroken vile labeled Vorkstagg and Grimes chemical bleach partly used. This room was the workshop.

The stone of alarm is placed on the gast fleeing hallway. They check the other passage which ends in a treatment room. The gasts are down the hall cowering in another patient room. Nothing else. Back to town.

It’s now later in the evening.

Gossip with the locals to get more info on V&G .Grins looks perculiar and is a gnome. ’’Tis a well regarded operation with the community. Alchemical supply. Vrggstsgg is well connect with friends in high places.

Takes head to the priests to speak with dead and lay to rest.

Karl visit. Confirm V&G dealt often with the facility. It was amicable in nature. Toward the end there was some discontent on Dr.s part regarding $$. They invite Karl to go to the carnival.

During the carnival crew is notified that there is a mob moving toward the courthouse.

About 40 people ar,e gathered with torches and pitchforks. There are 4 rabble rousers, encouraging the crowd. Stravko joins the guards by the courthouse doors, ready to defend.

Leo makes a rousing speech after vari distracts with lightening. 5 leave, fleeing the lightning strikes. 5 more leave after Leo’s intro. One of the rousers opposes as more leave. After several rounds back and forth the crowd slowly dissipates.

To do: investigate V&G

Trial Day Two

Crew finishes up in the town and decides to bring back the 4 bodies from the wraith lair and lay them to rest at the temple of Phrasma. Crew also gets a priest to testify at the trial. Points to make at trial:

*pharasma preiestess physical assessment and speak with dead results (Maarten)
*karens death circumstances
*Wraith testimony
*Beast interview. Poetry and laughing.
Nailed it.

Next Stop Karb Island
Karl the assistant of Karb Isle was investigated. As Sanctuary in uncovered. Dr. Bratta. Karl lives in Leppenstadt and was accused. There are rumors of many gasts in the area.

Karl. Now blind due to the fire. Dr. Brattas uncle was deformed and was hunted and burned alive. Brattas goal was to make a haven for these other individuals and possibly finding cures or fixes for their maladies. He also experimented with Kadaver transplants. The fire appears to have spread and he saw a hulking shambling form. He woke away from the fire, but without sight. Brattas body was not recovered. They are warned of gasts. Gulshan gets detailed information of the layout of Sanctuary. Gulshan makes him some beverage in good will before crew leaves to meet back up with the courthouse crew


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